Experience an unforgettable stay with excellent accommodation, stunning views and plenty of outdoor activities.

Accommodation in suites

The MOMOLAND resort is equipped with modern facilities that offer you everything needed for a pleasant stay. Enjoy the comfort and freedom of your stay and feel like at home.

The suites are located near the main building the MOMOLAND BARN. Right next to the suites, there is an outdoor heated swimming pool with access to a volleyball and tennis court and an outdoor fire pit. Our private beach KOTVA BY MOMOLAND with fine white sand is situated only 50 meters from the main building. 


We offer accommodation in 13 suites with a capacity of 64 beds and 30 extra beds.

Standard or deluxe suites are available with the following features. 

  • Each suite is fully equipped with kitchenette and electric mini two burner stove, microwave and refrigerator.
  • Lounge includes a comfortable sofa with TV set.
  • Access to fast Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Bathroom with shower and separate toilet, heating unit is also available.  


• Momoland Barn • Outdoor heated pool • Volleyball court • Tennis court • Outdoor fire pit • Pond 

Designer tents a houseboats

Experiential accommodation awaits you in the designers tents and houseboats right on the white sand beach.

Our private beach KOTVA BY MOMOLAND includes restaurant with a terrace, sun loungers and umbrellas and is ideal for families with children.

At the same time, we offer the opportunity to try various water attractions, such as paddleboards, pamphlet boards or kayaks.

Designer tents

We offer you a unique option of accommodation in stylish and comfortable designer tents, which guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Their location right on the beach allows you to enjoy nature altogether with style and comfort.

Designer tents are furnished in the following themes : 

Africa • Orient • Boho • Nautical • Hunting 


Tent for 5 persons

Including 2 bedrooms. One room with double bed and the other room with a freestanding bed and one bunk bed. 

Kitchenette includes an electric mini two burner stove, refrigerator, bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning and access to Wi-Fi. 


  • There are 5 houseboats available. Two of them are luxury. 

Enjoy a luxury houseboat with a wooden deck and Jacuzzi where you can comfortably relax on sun loungers. Chairs and table will provide relaxing moments and gorgeous views. Let yourselves be carried away by the atmosphere and pleasant environment that this accommodation provides. 

Houseboat offers accommodation for 4 people. Two bedrooms contain a double bed and a bunk bed. The kitchenette includes an electric mini two burner stove, comfortable sofa, bathroom and toilet, air conditioning and access to Wi-Fi. 

Luxury cottage

Recently renovated luxury cottage offers accommodation for up to 20 people in its 3 suites. It can be rented either separately for a group or as apartment accommodation. This charming cottage is located just 50 meters from the private beach KOTVA BY MOMOLAND.

The cottage is ideal for family or corporate functions and is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. The outdoor barbecue allows for a wonderful grill party.

At weekdays the outdoor pool located near the MOMOLAND BARN is at your disposal. Weekend use of the pool depends on current availability and might be closed due to a private event.

This renovated luxury cottage provides everything needed for an unforgettable and comfortable stay for you and your group.

Daily trips around Momoland

Divín castle (7 km)

Divín castle boasts its beautiful medieval architecture that reminds of this region's rich history. Its dominant position on the hill offers a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape, which also includes the Ružiná dam. In addition, the ruins and remains give this place a mysterious atmosphere and fascinating historical charm.

The Halič castle and park (13 km)

 The Halič castle and park are enrolled on the list of national cultural monuments of national significance. It is known for its rich baroque architecture and is surrounded by a moat. Come and view collections of artwork and historical artefacts in the castle museum or visit an extensive park from the 18th century that features a pergola, rose garden, allegorical sculptures and a Baroque fountain. 

Polichno-Timrava educational trail (13 km)

Polichno-Timrava educational trail: On a 10 km circuit, get to know the life and places where the artist Božena Slančíková Timrava lived. Learn about the places where her most famous works were created. Don't forget to pass by the well after which she chose her artistic name.  


Budiná rock and Jánošík's hideout
(15 km)

The path leading to the rock is suitable for easy hiking, making it ideal for families with children. The rock itself is a paradise for rock climbers and bouldering enthusiasts. After conquering it, you'll be rewarded with a view of Poľana. You'll also find a mysterious cave here. Locals call it Jánošík's hideout, a refuge for outlaws. In winter, it looks like a fairy tale with icicle decorations. 

The Mučín Cave
(40 km)

The Mučín Cave is a 12-meter-long pseudokarst cave, formed from weathered remnants of carbonized wood that once covered volcanic ash. Even today, you can discover remnants of leaves and branches within its depths. The Mučín Cave is a unique site within the Geopark, featuring an educational trail, easily accessible, and ideal for those seeking an authentic nature experience away from crowds of tourists.

Stone Waterfall Šomoška, Šomoška Castle (50 km)

 Discover an interesting natural treasure just a stone's throw away from the village of Šiatorská Bukovinka on the border with Hungary. The basalt waterfall, created by the solidification of lava, forms an unusual structure consisting of hexagonal basalt columns, rising up to 9 meters high. Below it lies a stone desert. Visitors consider the sight of this natural phenomenon akin to a fairy tale, especially with the backdrop of the stone desert and the nearby castle.

Synagogue in Lučenec
(21 km)

The synagogue in Lučenec is one of four identical synagogues in the world. The other three are located in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Tel Aviv. In addition to enjoying the beautifully decorated interior, which is complemented by expert commentary from trained lecturers, you also have the opportunity to visit a permanent exhibition on Jewish cultural heritage in the city of Lučenec. The synagogue premises are often used to organize various exhibitions.

The Mysterious Sulfur Eye
(36 km)

The Sulfur Eye, a magical natural phenomenon in the Poltár Highlands. It is located on the edge of a small forest between the settlement of Prievrana and the village of Nové Hony. This spring constantly emits a muddy fluid of brownish color, which does not flow anywhere but disappears into the depths of the ground again. Particularly intriguing is the continuous sound of gushing water and, above all, its sulfur smell.

The Píla Tunnel
(10 km)

Near the village of Píla, there is an abandoned single-track tunnel measuring 125 meters in length, situated next to the new railway line. Its history dates back to the second half of the 19th century when it was constructed using the traditional Austrian tunneling method. What makes it unusual is the absence of typical safety niches, and its technical precision makes it a tourist attraction today.

Cycling Routes

Discover cycling routes around Ružiná on electric bikes available for rent with us.  

In the vicinity of Ružiná, there are numerous cycling trails with varying degrees of difficulty. 

You can choose an easy circuit that leads along the Ružiná reservoir. The cycling path, built by volunteers, is called 'Ružiná Lakeside.

Among the interesting routes are:

  • Mučín Cave - Rapovce - Lučenec - Ružiná (Látky) (17 km)
  • Ružiná -Látky (26 km)
  • Southwest Cycling Circuit of the city of Lučenec (43 km)
  • Novohrad Cycling Highway: Detva - Podkriváň - Divín - Lučenec (117 km)